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We do Energy, Environmental and Sustainable Development consultancy

Business Idea

We do business idea analysis, feasibility and brainstorming. Especially technical businesses

Market Analysis

We offer market analysis for new companies that want to enter into the Southern African market with new technical and engineering products.

Industrial Data Analytics

We do process, product perfomance, energy, environmental, market, social and water data analytics for and on behalf of industries and farming estates.

Solar Thermal Engineering

We do solar thermal engineering systems, integrated and core -energized using multi-fuels available. We have experience and European partners SOLID with more than two decades of experience in solar thermal Technology

Solar Photo-Voltaics Engineering

We have now more than half a decade of experience in Solar Photo-Voltaics. Our aim is to make a difference in systems design, operation, integration, commissioning and configuration. We do solar water pumping, solar power for industries and buildings including farms. We do solar hybrid systems, off grid systems, grid tied systems and synchronised systems

Perfomance Prediction

Performance prediction of systems and products is our day today business. We do prediction for new systems, refurbished systems and systems under research using simulation and modeling or live prediction.

Water Foot Print

Water accounting and reducing water foot print direct and indirect of every organisation is our new service which focuses on conservation and management of water resources, since water is now a scarce resource globally. Reducing water foot print is the way to go same as the old and common carbon foot print. We know that a drop of water is a coin of money saved so always contact Sutsol as your prefered partner in such projects which require modern practices and approaches

Energy Management

We manage energy on behalf of your organisation or home because energy saved is money saved. Contact us so that you can setup a meeting with one of our consultants

Energy Auditing

We do quantification of energy used we collect, collate and analyse energy usage and process analysis data in order to give you maximum control of energy. It is by rule that if you cannot measure you cannot control so Sutsol give you the power on independence and control.

Waste to Energy Potential Estimation

We predict your energy in waste so that you can do your own independent power production and also manage your waste effectively and Sustainably

Bio-energy, Wind and General Power Generation Solutions

Bioenergy is the key to sustainable power generation, whether co-fired or fired alone. We can do power generation plants based on your requirements contact us for details.

Lighting Consultancy

We do professional lighting design, lighting efficiency, lighting management and lighting audit. We do security lighting, decorative lighting and industrial lighting

Civil Works

We do structural corrections, steel works , fabrication, swimming pool engineering and pre-fabrications.

Sustainable Agricultural Solutions

We do cyclic agricultural systems and ZERO net input agricultural systems

Green Building and Project Management

We do 21st Century Solutions in building. Where we include building energy management systems in design. We value a grean world. Sustainability and energy conservation is key.

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